Billboard – Shannon K Fights Bullying With Positivity In ‘Give Me Your Hand’ Video: Premiere

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Shannon K, the 17-year-old singer/songwriter originally from India who was raised in the U.K. before moving to the United States at 14, releases her new music video “Give Me Your Hand” on Thursday (Nov. 1) in support of the Love Is Louder project. “Give Me Your Hand” is an anti-bullying anthem written by Shannon K and her sister Annabelle, who suffered at the hands and words of bullies, to the point that they had to be removed from school and moved into homeschool. Shannon K being a social media influencer, the cyberbullying she endured was so intense that she began to harm herself to numb the pain. It has only been through talking and sharing her experiences, and the support of her family, that she has overcome this terrible ordeal. In an effort to support other victims of bullying, Shannon and Annabelle have written a meaningful and catchy anthem that will speak to anyone who has been bullied at any age.

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